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Visitors to Paris expect graceful architecture, impressive monuments, beautiful parks and gardens, enticing cafés and restaurants, and lots of shopping. And Paris does not disappoint. Paris also offers mysteries large and small. What is that odd-looking building? What do those signs mean? What are those people doing? What’s behind this wall? Where do I find this? How do I do that? Why can’t I go in there?

I cannot get enough of Paris: its people, its buildings, its boulevards, its customs, its organization, and its less-well-known corners. Alone and with others, I have walked its streets for hours, taking pictures, asking questions, venturing into courtyards, translating unfamiliar words, peering around corners, and sometimes just standing and staring. What I can’t figure out on these walks, I delegate to the research department (me, at home, in the evenings, with my collection of Paris books and maps).

After a few posts, I decided to merge this effort with the blog Parisian Fields, which I write with my husband. Maybe one day I will pick up the threads of what was intended to be a guide to Paris’s history, form, and development for city lovers (including my fellow urban planners), but for the time being, I will focus on that blog.



One Response to About this blog

  1. RIGOT says:

    Dear Mrs, Mr,
    I have found your blog about Paris very interesting, and I thought you should know about us.

    We run a very uncommon attraction about Paris, its history and its monuments, out of the beaten tracks.
    Most of our visitors are very surprised when they discover us, and complain that nobody told them before !

    Paris-Story is an interactive and multimedia museum focused on Paris’ history.
    In 20 years, we have already welcomed more than 1 000 000 visitors, 50% of which are Parisians !
    To many, this should be the starting point of any nice visit of Paris !

    The visit takes place in 3 steps :

    Paris-Story, the film:
    The 50min wide-screen, high-definition show of pure emotion gives an insight into the soul of Paris, over 2.000 years in a chronological order, with a headphone translation available in 13 languages.

    Paris-Miniature, the 3D model:
    With the very first interactive model of Paris ever conceived, our visitors soar over all of Paris and they discover the succession of ancient city walls, and dozens of sites both known and unknown. This 3D map of Paris gives an opportunity to think geographically, and better prepare a discovery of the city.

    Paris-Experience, a hands-on attraction:
    A gallery of touch screens with 5 themed video clips and a quizz in 8 languages offer a joyful and different way of knowing more about Paris.
    Also, we show a revolutionary 3D plasma screen featuring an amazing sequence filmed by the Lumière Brothers in 1898!

    If you have a chance to come to Paris in the near future, we’ll be happy to welcome you and show you what we do !
    If you need extra information, please feel free to let us know, and my director, founder of the Paris-Story, will be happy to tell you more: cruty@paris-story.com

    Looking forward to hearing from you,

    Maxime RIGOT

    11bis, rue Scribe ; 75009 Paris
    Tél. : 01 42 66 62 06

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