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Parisian Fields is the blog of two Toronto writers who love Paris. When we can't be there, we can write about it. We're interested in everything from its history and architecture to its graffiti and street furniture. We welcome comments, suggestions, corrections, and musings from all readers.

Sorting out the city

The organization of Paris into its 20 arrondissements, spiralling out from the Ile de la Cité, seems so well established that you may be surprised to learn that the arrangement is only 150 years old. Today’s arrondissements date from exactly … Continue reading

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Concentric circles

Most cities are messy-looking entities, sending tentacles out into the surrounding areas, sprawling like inkblots or oozing along coastlines. The City of Paris is as neatly packaged as an egg within the Periphérique motorway, which follows the line of a … Continue reading

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What lies beneath

“Paris has another Paris under herself…which has its streets, its intersections, its squares, its dead ends, its arteries, and its circulation, ” said Victor Hugo in Les Misérables. (“Paris a sous lui un autre Paris… lequel a ses rues, ses … Continue reading

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The ups and downs of Paris

There’s something about getting on a bicycle that makes you look at a city quite differently. For one thing, you become much more aware of hills. And streets that end in flights of stairs, going up or down. Suddenly, the … Continue reading

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